The Brazilian Blowout is a popular hair straightening process that has become a go-to for women with frizzy or textured hair. The process used in the Brazilian Blowout involves a protein-rich solution that is used to coat the hair strands to straighten it without damaging it.

The Blowout Process

In this process, the protein is bonded to the hair by a flat iron to protect and smooth the hair, and also to make it stay straight for a longer time. This process can range from $120 to $300 dollars in the US, but the cost may be higher or lower in different countries.

The Brazilian Blowout process is usually a top choice for persons with thick hair that’s textured, i.e. curly, kinky or wavy. It’s also an ideal choice for straight-haired girls who just can’t deal with the amount of frizz that their hair has. For any of these hair types, the Blowout aims to make frizzy, unruly strands look silky, manageable and shinier. Hair is bone-straight when flat ironed, and when washed, they become softer, more controlled and less tangle-prone than before.


How Does the Brazilian Blowout Solution Work?

The key to the solution’s power is in its amino acid-rich composition. The amino acids leave hair frizz free, tangle-free, more manageable and much more responsive to styling and handling whether the hair is straight or in its natural textured state. This is the number one benefit of the Blowout, as it leaves frizzy hair looking completely healthy, makes hair easier to deal with and cuts hairstyling in half!

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